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  1. Leslie wei says:
    Convenient store If you sign up as a member you get an additional 10 percent off! We bought our bugaboo buffalo and stoke Tripp trap stol with the deal since they never go on sale. Very friend people working here.
  2. Leslie wei says:
    Good store!The babypakke is really generous, but sometimes they have additional deals for the baby items such as 40 percent off all essential items.
  3. Melissa says:
    StrollersStrollers need to be parked outside. My daughter loves it.
  4. Wonderful Jordmor, Location was a bit farI took a fødselskurs with Bippi in 2014 so maybe my perspective is outdates. The course was held in a lovely building with another jordmor. It was a good space and the pace of the course was quite relaxed so it was easy to ask a lot questions throughout the day. Lunch was provided and there was time for the whole lot of us first-time parents to socialize. My only complaint was that it was a bit far from the city-proper (Bærum, I think). Maybe this has changed since two years ago.
  5. Free Open Play. Need I say more?The play space is fun and whimsical, having been inspired by children's designs for the space. It looks like recycled and reused products were used to construct the playroom. There is also a library space, greenhouse, and coffee bar with some juices for the kids. The washroom is downstairs (there's an elevator) but I didn't use it. My toddler and I spent over two hours in the playroom. I bought some drinks at the coffee bar, but, I admit, I didn't buy any actual groceries using the Kolonial app!
  6. Just FineWish it was brighter inside. There's a lot of deep blue colours on the walls (a vestige of it's former self as Hopp i Havet) so it seems a little dark and claustrophobic inside. The space is laid out vertically, so for your older kids, expect them to go higher and higher up to the rafters. The lower level is ideal for babies and toddlers. There you'll find a ball pit. Small lockers to keep your belongings cost 10kr but there is a garderobe for your coats and shoes free of charge. 2 water fountains are available on the premises by the washroom facilities which are clean. They have stools in the washrooms for kids to stand on and the sinks are generally lowered for little ones, if I remember correctly. But honestly, I prefer Leos Lekeland's. It's layout is wider and it doesn't feel claustrophobic. My toddler on the other hand excitedly refers to it as "Elephant playground" after their mascot who comes out a couple times a day to greet the little ones. She's quite pleased with the place.
  7. A Favourite Indoor Space for Me and the LOI love taking my LO here on Saturdays in winter for example when nothing else is going on. It has become one of my fav go-to's for keeping my toddler busy and active. There is a restaurant inside for when you get peckish, a bookstore, and a library cum playroom for children that's open to the public during limited hours. My only complaint is that I wish they would open earlier than 11am on Saturdays since my LO normally naps from around 11:45.
  8. Sweet Local Toy ShopTruly a local spot. The proprietor will even special order something for you if it's not available in her shop that day. They also sell handmade/homemade clothes made by locals in the shop that are really sweet. Things like woollen gloves and knit cotton or wool dresses.
  9. Eco-Friendly ToysI really like the collection of toys made out of cardboard. Especially for my toddler who can be rough and tumble with what would otherwise be pretty pricey toys. Caspeland offers more affordable and more green alternatives to toys like plastic doll houses, cars, and even a rocket ship! Their collection of toys also allows for some imaginative play (i.e. colouring your dollhouse or decorating it with some stickers). The lady, Anna, who operates the webshop also features the toys at local events. I bought my toys from Caspeland when she was selling at the Julmarked at Youngstorget this past Christmas. And at that time, she was offering IMABGO members a discount!
  10. Always fun for kids Good place for small and big. So small kids must be careful for the bigger kids who are more independent.
  11. Big PlaygroundBig as in a big playground for bigger kids who I can see have tons of fun here. The playground has a castle fortress theme. I wouldn't let my 2 year old play here though. It's a bit too rough and tumble for my liking. The rest of the park is absolutely perfect for strolling though.
  12. Plenty for Older KidsI took my 3 yo and maybe it's because I've been to science centers and museums that were more toddler-friendly, but I found this place a bit lacking for the smaller folk. It is 4 floors so there is plenty to see. But many rooms were dark (my LO was actually clinging to me at various times because it was too dark and scary). And some of the exhibits were so high, not accessible to shorter folk. I took the tram there to Kjelsås and found it hard to navigate getting to the museum from the stop. According to Google it was supposed to be a 3 minute walk, but I ended up walking for 10 minutes with my LO by following Google maps when I actually arrived at the stop. There should be signage at Kjelsås station directing visitors to the supposedly close-by museum. I think there must have been a shortcut from the tram stop that I missed because I simply am not familiar with the area. I think I took a round-about way of a detour. There is a cafeteria by the gift shop before you enter the actual exhibits so we went there to eat lunch before buying our tickets. They have warm cooked foods like fish and chips and a coffee bar. And if you pack your own lunch, you can eat outside as well on the picnic tables. All in all my LO enjoyed herself. But I have seen her enjoy other science museums more.
  13. My 3 YO Loved It!We went on a Saturday. My LO actually enjoyed listening to the Syrian exhibits which involved listening on headphones to interviews of children. She liked exploring the Nobel field on the second floor and asked me about many of the faces of former peace prize winners on display. I should say, for those visiting with strollers that outside strollers are not allowed inside and you'll be asked to park your own in gift shop by the lockers and use the strollers that are assigned by the museum, also found in the gift shop. It's a small enough space that you can get through the entire exhibit in 30mins to an hour or so with your child. I found it was a nice pace and kept my LO interested in the space as we went through it.
  14. Wide open beautiful spacesGreat for trilletur (strolling) and the hage cafe there makes their own execllent ice cream and apple juice. I even saw quesadillas on the lunch menu (didn't get to try it since we were with 3 year olds). There was an outdoor interactive exhibit of make-shift steps/stairs on a hill near the cafe that our 3 year olds enjoyed playing on. We strolled around there for a nice 2 hours.
  15. Clean and Shallow Waters Awesome place for little ones. Not crowded. Lots of shallow waters for little ones. Sandy (not rocky) beach that my LO enjoyed playing in. Kiosk, outdoor showers, and washroom facilities in the area, not to mention Fornebu S (about a 15-20 min walk away) and a parking lot (5-10 mins walk away) nearby. Water in the summer gets warm after noon. Go take the kids!
  16. No LightsI'm giving this a 3 instead of a 2 because the facilities and space are generally great. They offer strollers at the wardrobe area for visitors with young kids (in case you don't bring one). They have a changing mat area for your baby. The center is generally spacious so you won't have any difficulty at all navigating your stroller. The staff are so helpful and will quickly offer you tips and guides at the front desk and help you when you need them on the third floor where there are dress up rooms where you can take group photos. HOWEVER, when it comes to small children, these things don't matter. I went there with my 3 year old and because of the dark lighting, sounds and announcements suddenly coming from the walls as you walk by, and graffiti art that little ones probably find strange and new especially in a darkly lit space, my LO was absolutely terrified when we entered the center. There is a medium-sized playroom with a fun music area, a mini-library, some theatres, and a slide. But again, like most of the center it was so dark that my LO didn't want to go in it and was clinging on to me for the first 5 minutes before she was having fun on the slide by herself. I understand the artistic effect the center is going for but I think some of the areas geared toward children need to be lit period. That playroom was just plain dark. My LO even asked me to turn on the lights.
  17. Long Wait3 stars because of a good menu selection of tasty food. But also 3 stars because I wouldn't exactly call this a toddler-friendly place. I went on a Friday at noon. Not many people, but had to wait quite some time with the 3yo before our food was ready. Ok on a coffee date, but not with hungry kids. Also note, not so stroller-friendly as there is space for only one stroller to park by the entrance, 2 at most but then you're basically blocking the entrance.
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