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Are you a parent or parent-to-be living in or planning to visit Oslo? Are you a grandparent, aunt, uncle, caregiver or teacher interested in children’s activities and products in the city? Or are you a business owner providing children’s products or services? Share your experiences, as well as your little one’s views and opinions, and read what others are saying through reviews of all kinds of services and activities available to kids, guardians, and caregivers alike in Oslo.

CradleCritic aims to be a trustworthy source based on real parents’ views. It aims to be a terrific place for first-time parents and English-speaking newcomers with kids in Oslo to gather information. Reviews are at the tip of your fingers to access anytime.

What CradleCritic Is and Is Not

CradleCritic is a collaborative ratings and review site for places and spaces in Oslo for children’s-related activities. CradleCritic is not a PSA, events page, personal blog, or an advertisement for any products or services. It is a review site primarily for parents by parents, but all manner of caregivers and guardians are welcome to join and post reviews.

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CradleCritic is a one-mom operation at the moment. So please feel free to provide feedback or make suggestions by emailing hello@cradlecritic.com or commenting on our Facebook site and Instagram page.

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