A One-Mom Operation

Hi and welcome to what I like to call my other baby, CradleCritic! I’m a Canadian and Filipino mom to a spirited toddler who eats up all of my time as much as I eat up all of her leftovers. The man in my life is Norwegian and we’ve been together for the better part of a decade and have lived in Oslo for the past five years. For the previous 20, I lived mostly in Toronto (holla if you’re from the 6ix!)

This website was borne out of a curiosity to hear from the community of parents at large about just how baby and kid-friendly they think Oslo is. Since becoming pregnant I’ve come to see Oslo through rose-coloured glasses, which wasn’t always the case, and I can’t help comparing it to other places. It’s really hard to imagine a better place to raise children. If you agree, sign up on CradleCritic and tell others all about it! This is a space for all of us to share!


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